We are working in partnership with İnon company in the lighting sector. We work with leading companies in every step of the way from project design to construction, from material selection to production and transportation. Our distinctive is to provide solutions with its own expert staff who are needed on-site until exploration, analysis, product supply and final quality control is checked and completed.

As an authorized agent of Şeker Insurance (Cyprus) Ltd we operate by producing insurance policies for individual and institutional assets that want to protect themselves against risks under the name of ‘Nilay Paralik Sigorta’, offering our customers price alternatives, fast, accurate and reliable conditions.

Nilay Paralik Occupational Health and Safety Unit, We provide business consultancy services with our experts authorized by the Ministry of Interior and Labor, Ministry of Labor of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We prepare a risk assessment report in the area of occupational health and safety, provide training in the fields required, and provide counseling services in the course of measures to be taken. We encourage and support all employers and employees who apply to us to be at their work the next day "healthily and peacefully’’.